Getting a success is very easy for every man but for that hard work, commitment and knowledge of that success and roadmap should be known so for getting success in every person all above abilities should be there. We all knows every person have some special qualities and on the basis of that qualities he lives his life if he has no special quality or ability then life is impossible for him or he has several difficulties in his life until he is not known about his qualities.
            Here I want to tell you a formula
Yes this formula is given by Albert Einstein but that is in mathematical form in the context of success its meaning is different here it is;
E- Excellence
M- Men
If the person have committed towards his goal and having the competence to getting his goal/success then he would be excellent so
Excellence = Man × Competence × commitment
So every person who wants success has to do work in that manner that he committed to that work and having expert knowledge of that goal and this level of commitment would be generated only by way of destroying the inferiority complex. So we have to be optimistic, be positive and our negative thinking should be dumped in dustbin.
Here I want to tell you some line written by “John Wesley” he says-
“Do all the good you can,
  In all the ways you can,
  In all the places you can,
  To all the people you can,
  For as long as you ever can.”
Some people are there who start the work with great energy and enthusiasm but after some time they lost it. It is the main reason of failure. So whenever you choose your goal always keep that goal in front of your eyes.
Let’s understand it by an example if you want to be an officer in a company on a higher post then you should visualize it. If you having your goal always in front of your eyes then you will 100% get success. So goal should be specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic and time bound. If you got failure then try again, because failure is the first step of success. Do you know Abraham Linken or listen his name yes he was the president of America, he got that post after 20 year of failure in all the 20 year he was not selected for that post and finally after 20 year he got selected.
Finally I want to say do the hard work not like that being of that work but do the smart work, help others. When you are in a problem then solve the problems of other because while solving the problems of other you will get solution of your big problems, and avoid negative thinking, boost your moral i.e. when ever you stand may be there is many who is far ahead from you but there is a lot of person who are far behind from you or following you.
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